Greetings fellow car owners with dings and dents,

I am writing you to share a great, true story and introduce you to a great man and company, Mike Borino, and his company Borino Enterprises.


Just like you, I am a car owner- my name is Dewitt and I live in West Palm Beach, Fl. I had never heard of “Paintless Dent Repair” until one day, five years ago, I bought a used 1996 Toyota Avalon out of the want ads. I made the mistake of buying the car in the early evening just as the sun was setting. I went out the next mourning to go to work and couldn’t believe my eyes because the car had dents and door dings all over. I went to a local body shop and asked about repairs to the car. I about fell over when I heard the car would need all kinds of bodywork and repainting on both sides of the car to cover the repaired areas! I simply couldn’t afford the cost or the time it would take.


Days later a friend gave me the business card for Mike Borino of Borino Enterprises. Mike came to my home and repaired both sides of my Avalon right in my driveway! After he was finished, I came out to see the car and I was completely stunned!!!- the car looked like it was brand new!!! Mike saved me over seven hundred dollars to remove the dents and dings versus having bodywork done and the car painted! That was over five years ago now. Since then, I have bought and sold five cars for myself and family. Mike Borino of Borino Enterprises has worked his magic and craftsmanship on every car I have owned and several for my friends. I recommend Mike Borino and Borino Enterprises to everyone that needs “Paintless Dent Repair”. You simply don’t find this kind of artistry, craftsmanship, and skill anymore! It just doesn’t seem possible that dents and dings could be removed and your car would look like new again-but its true- and all without paint and bodywork.


Do yourself a favor and give Mike Borino of Borino Enterprises a call. Get ready to be surprised and amazed- and save money and time too! Oh yeah, I kept the Avalon for another year and sold it for what I paid for it because the car looked like it was so well cared for- and it was- by Mike Borino!!!